Issue N°1 (Experimental). Volume N°1. 2009.

Middle East Studies Online Journal. ISSN 2109-9618

Etudes du Moyen-Orient. Revue en ligne. N°1. Volume1. ANNEE 2009. (Experimental issue)

دراسات الشرق الأوسط. مجلة إلكترونية. السنة 2009. العدد الأول. المجلد الأول. الترقيم: 2109-9618


– Aysha Taryam: Killing for Honour, Honoured for Killing

Research Papers :

– Arno Tausch, Christian Bischof and Karl Mueller: The Muslim Factor and the future of integration policy in Europe

– Burhan Ghalioun: Islam et terrorisme. De l’origine de la violence en pays musulmans

– Hichem Karoui: U.S. Foreign policy in the Gulf after Sept.11. The effect on US-GCC relations

Peter Hermann and Arno Tausch (Eds.): Dar al-Islam. The Mediterranean, the world system and the “wider Europe”

– Michele Dunne: The Baby, the Bathwater, and the Freedom Agenda in the Middle East.

– Nilüfer Göle: Islam, European public space, and civility

– Salim Yaqub: Contesting Arabism. The Eisenhower Doctrine and the Arab Middle East, 1956-1959

– برهان غليون: هوية فرنسا، الاستثمار الانتخابي لليمين

– هشام القروي : الإسلام الأوروبي في العلوم الإجتماعية


– Burhan Ghalioun : About The Crisis of Lebanon and the Middle East


World Security Network reporting from the 46th Munich Security Conference


What 1.3 Billion Muslims Really Think: an answer to a recent Gallup study, based on the “World Values Survey”

The Middle East as a U.S. Predicament. The Bush II Years (2000-2008)


– Saddam Hussein Talks to the FBI: Twenty interviews and Five conversations

Operation TPAJAX: The Secret CIA Coup in Iran

Acknowledgment: Middle East Studies is grateful to the authors, as well as to The Gulf Today, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and World Security Network, for kindly allowing us the freedom to republish their papers on this experimental issue.