“Refugeeism” and the Two-State Solution

By : Pepijn van Houwelingen.*



Abstract: The Palestinian refugee issue has been a pressing political and humanitarian problem for over sixty years, yet recent frameworks – in particular the two-state paradigm since Oslo – have marginalized the refugees and their claim to a right of return. This article argues that the binary logic of Oslo has been too narrow to fully take the refugee problem into account, and that a broader multilateral approach is required to deal with this regional problem. Moreover, little to no voice has been given to refugees by the PA/PLO leadership, which represents a flaw in current approaches to finding a lasting solution.


Keywords: Peace Process, Palestinian Authority, Oslo accords, Israeli-Palestinian conflict…



Download the full paper (PDF):

“Refugeeism” and the Two-State Solution

* PhD Candidate and UG Tutor – Royal Holloway, University of London. Co-editor and book reviews editor – Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies.


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