Saudi Women and Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Architecture and Interior Design

Middle East Studies Online Journal- ISSN 2109-9618- Issue n°6. Volume 3 ( Summer 2011)

Etudes  du Moyen-Orient. N°6. Volume 3. ( Eté 2011)

.2011دراسات الشرق الأوسط، مجلة فكرية محكمة. العدد السادس . المجلد الثالث صيف


Bright Future for new Graduates


By: Ibrahim Y. Vaid*



Abstract: Female education trends in Saudi Arabia are changing. As a result, more women are studying different types of engineering, architecture, and interior design. Private and public institutions are competing to offer degrees in these related fields to attract more students. However, women are still facing many obstacles in finding jobs in engineering, architecture, and interior design companies. The purpose of this paper is to explore the various employment opportunities for architecture and interior design graduates. As well as working for architecture or interior design companies female graduates may find opportunities through entrepreneurship. This paper also discusses different opportunities for entrepreneurs to receive training in leadership, management, team building skills, loans, and business skills.



Keywords: Saudi Women, Entrepreneurship, Business Training, Architecture, Interior Design Leadership.


Download the full paper (PDF):

Saudi Women and Entrepreneurship


* Ibrahim Vaid is an educator, vocational educational consultant, and has a design practice. He can be reached at


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