Issue N°4. Volume 2. 2011

Middle East Studies Online Journal- ISSN 2109-9618- Issue n°4. Volume 2 ( 2011)

Etudes du Moyen-Orient. N°4. Volume 2. 2011.دراسات الشرق الأوسط، مجلة فكرية محكمة. العدد الرابع . المجلد الثاني

Position Papers:

Burhan Ghalioun

Tunisia Opens the Way to Liberty (Arabic): تونس تفتح طريق الحرية

Hichem Karoui

Winds of Change

James M. Dorsey

Twin Threats of Protests and Cessation Set Stage for Change in MidEast and North Africa

Research Papers:

* Middle East *

Kassem Bahaji

Morocco’s Imazighen (Berbers), the Islamists and the Politics of Religion

Lesley Abdela and Ann Boman

A Joint Gender Review of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU): Final Report

Gerhard Behrens

An Ottoman Calendar (takvim) for 1740/41AD

*Social Sciences and Humanities*

Faten Karoui-Bouchoucha & Hichem Karoui

Pratiques discursives, science, politique et vérité: Application sur la région MOAN / Discursive practices, science, politics and truth: Application on MENA region

El Mossadak El Hassan

“Identité et Singularité” ou “Globalisation et Universalisation”: vers un cosmopolitisme renouvelé

Philippe Jourdon

Contrats et Conventions. Introduction et premier chapitre: Contrainte absolue et rentabilité

Mohammad Attarzadeh

The effect of scaffolding on reading comprehension of various text modes on Iranian EFL learners with different proficiency levels


Issa Khalaf

A Critical Comment on Ali A. Allawi’s Islamic Crisis

El Mossadak El Hassan

العولمة، الهوية والثقافة أزمة السياسة وسياسة الأزمة: فقر بطعم الصقيع Globalization, Identity and Culture

Burhan Ghalioun : برهان غليون

Arab Popular Uprisings Or the Arab Incoming to Political Modernity

اﻻنتفاضات الشعبية أو دخول العرب في الحداثة السياسية


زمن جابر عصفور The Time of Jabir Usfur


Gabriele Marranci’s reply to Durderija About ‘Jihad Beyond Islam’ and ‘Understanding Muslim Identity: Rethinking Fundamentalism’

Duderija’s Answer to Marranci

Book Reviews:

Hichem Karoui

Book Review Essay: Avi Shlaim’s Israel and Palestine