Middle East Organizations in Washington D.C.(3)

Counterpart International

2345 Crystal Drive, Suite 301, Arlington, VA 22202

Telephone Number: 202-236-1200

Fax Number: 202-412-5035

E-mail: communications@counterpart.org

Web Site: www.counterpart.org

Year established: 1965

Description: Counterpart International is a non-profit international human development organization founded as the Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific. Counterpart International is headquartered in Washington, DC and works in more than 60 countries some of which are located in Central Asia and the Middle East. The organization focuses on building civil society, promoting economic development, improving global health and nutrition, and conserving the environment. Recently, Counterpart International has received a $1.7 million grant from the US State Department and leveraged it into more than $10 million worth of medical and other humanitarian supplies for Iraq.


-Holds various programs in the fields of humanitarian assistance, civil society, environment and conservation, enterprise development, health and child development, and food and security


-Lelei LeLaulu, President and CEO


The Dialogue Project, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)

1619 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Suite 734, Washington, DC 20036

Telephone Number: 202-663-5635

Fax Number: 202-663-5769

E-mail: dialogueproject@jhu.edu

Web Site: www.dialogueproject.sais-jhu.edu

Description: The Dialogue Project is a multi-year initiative designed to promote— in a primarily cultural context— the development of democracy and human rights in the Muslim world. In doing so, the Dialogue Project also hopes to educate those in non-Muslim communities — whether they be policy makers, scholars, development professionals, members of the media, or ordinary citizens — on the complexities and contradictions that govern both Western relationships with, and life in, many predominantly Muslim societies around the world.


-Publishes articles

-Holds Forums and conferences

-Hosts the Literary Cafe to recommend and discuss books dealing with the wide variety of topics covered by the Dialogue Project


-Azar Nafisi, Director


Dumbarton Oaks

1703 32nd Street, NW, Washington, DC 20007

Telephone Number: 202-339-6401

Fax Number: 202-339-6419

E-mail: DumbartonOaks2008@doaks.org

Web Site: www.doaks.org

Year established: 1940

Description: Dumbarton Oaks, which includes three research centers in the fields of Byzantine studies, pre-Columbian studies, and studies in the history of landscape architecture, was conveyed to Harvard University in 1940. The Byzantine Studies Program promotes an integrated approach to the study of Byzantine civilization. Multidisciplinary research is conducted as well as organization of public lectures, symposia, and seminars. Publication of work done by its own scholars and by other authors is a major focus of Dumbarton Oaks’ work. The Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine library encompasses all aspects of Byzantine civilization as well as antecedent and contemporary cultures that influenced or were influenced by Byzantium. Much of the collection falls within the realm of Middle East studies. Qualified researchers should contact the Director of Byzantine Studies for access.


-Houses collection of Byzantine objects, pre-Columbian objects, books related to the history of landscape architecture, and photographs

-Hosts research center, fellowships in the areas of Byzantine, pre-Columbian, and landscape architecture studies

-Holds discussions and public lectures


-Drew Gilpin Faust, President

-Jan M. Ziolkowski, Director


Education for Peace in Iraq Center (EPIC)

1101 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20003

Telephone Number: 202-543-6176

Fax Number: 202-543-0725

E-mail: info@epic-usa.org

Web Site: www.epic-usa.org

Year established:1998

Description: The Education for Peace in Iraq Center is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to improving humanitarian conditions in Iraq and defending the human rights of the Iraqi people. EPIC works toward these objectives through the education and involvement of Americans in a national dialogue about Iraq


-Implements humanitarian and peace campaigns

-Hosts Iraq Speakers Bureau at www.iraqspeakers.org

-Sponsers Faces of Iraq Photo Exhibit at www.facesofiraq.org and Iraq Forums at www.epic-usa.org/epicevents/iraqforum.php

-Publishes EPIC Alerts


-Erik Gustafson, Executive Director


The Estimate, The International Estimate Inc.

3300 Red Pine Street, Falls Church, VA 22041-2524

Telephone number: (703) 671-2997

Fax: (703) 671-2998

E-Mail: estimate@att.net

Web Site: http://www.theestimate.com

Year Established: 1989

Description: A biweekly newsletter dealing with the Islamic world and its neighbors in the Middle East and North Africa, South and Central Asia. Open-source intelligence and background information on personalities, institutions, and events for the corporate or government reader needing background and analysis that goes beyond the daily press.


-Publishes The Estimate (bi-weekly)


-Michael Collins Dunn, Editor


Eurasia Foundation

1350 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20036

Telephone Number: 202-234-7370

Fax Number: 202-234-7377

E-mail: eurasia@eurasia.org

Web Site: www.eurasia.org

Year established: 1992

Description: The Eurasia Foundation is a privately managed grant-making and operating organization dedicated to funding programs that build democratic and free market institutions in the twelve New Independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union — Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.


-Offers grants


-Charles William Maynes, President


Foundation for Iranian Studies

4343 Montgomery Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814

Telephone Number: 301-657-1990

Fax Number: 301-657-1983

E-mail: fis@fis-iran.org

Web Site: www.fis-iran.org

Year established: 1982

Description: The Foundation for Iranian Studies is an educational and research center dedicated to the preservation, study, and transmission of the cultural heritage of Iran. The foundation supports research and publications in the field of Iranian studies and serves as an information center for scholars and all who seek to understand Persian history and culture. The foundation is non-partisan and non-political in its work.


-Houses a reference library, documentation center, and Persian literary texts

-Houses oral history program recording contemporary history of Iran through interviews in the fields of literature, art, politics, economics, women’s movements, labor, and political opposition groups

-Offers grants to individuals and institutions for research on Iranian studies

-Organizes art exhibits and concerts

-Collects and makes available the latest research on Iranian women and houses the Women’s Learning Partnership, an international, non-governmental organization that works to empower women and girls in the Global South, especially in Muslim majority countries, to re-imagine and restructure their roles in their families, communities, and societies

-Publishes Iran Nameh (quarterly journal)


-Mahnaz Afkhami, Executive Director


Foundation for Middle East Peace (FMEP)

1763 N Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036

Telephone Number: 202-835-3650

Fax Number: 202-385-3651

E-mail: info@fmep.org

Web Site: www.fmep.org

Year established:1980

Description: The purpose of the Foundation for Middle East Peace is to promote a just and secure peace between Israel and Palestine. The Foundation pursues this goal through information and advocacy programs, sponsorship of speakers, research programs, and work with the media. The Foundation also provides grants to Israeli, Palestinian, American, and other organizations that are working for peace.


-Offers grants and puts on speaker events

-Conducts research

-Publishes Report on Israeli Settlement in the Occupied Territories (bi-monthly)


-Philip C. Wilcox, Jr., President

-Geoffrey Aronson, Director, Research and Publications; Editor


FreeMuslim Association, Inc.

1220 L Street, NW, Suite 100-404, Washington, DC 20005

Telephone Number: 202-415-1989

Fax Number: 202-318-7701

E-mail: freemuslim@freemuslim.org

Web Site: www.freemuslim.org

Year established: 1984

Description: The FreeMuslim Association is a humanitarian independent, Islamic assembly advocating the non-violence slogan which is originally Islamic, though many have tried to deprive Islam of this trait. It aims at defending the essence of Islam, to promote dialogue and acceptance of the others’ opinions in the Muslim community objectively in pursuit of truth.


-Publishes books on Islamic thought, in English, Arabic, and French


-Shiek Mohamed Taqi Baqer


Friends of Morocco

PO Box 2579, Washington, DC 20013-2579

Telephone Number: 703-660-9292

E-mail: tresch@att.net

Web Site: www.friendsofmorocco.org

Description: Friends of Morocco, active since 1988, is an organization of Americans, mostly returned Peace Corps volunteers, with experience in Morocco and with Moroccans in America united with an interest in promoting educational, cultural, charitable, social, literary, and scientific exchanges between Morocco and the United States of America.


-Publishes newsletter, annual meeting, reunions, seminars and special Moroccan arts and craft showings


Friends of Tunisia

PO Box 25245, Washington, DC 20007

Telephone Number: 202-526-0897

E-mail: fotrpcv@yahoo.com

Year established: 1988

Description: Friends of Tunisia is a membership organization composed mainly, but not exclusively, of former Peace Corps volunteers in Tunisia. FOT has members in over 25 US states and is affiliated with the National Peace Corps Association.


Offers small financial grants to worthy causes and organizations in Tunisia, such as a recent grant that went to a school/hospital for autistic children in Sfax

-Publishes four-page newsletter published four times a year for distribution primarily by e-mail

-Hosts occasional social events, primarily in Washington, DC area


-Phil Jones, President

-Gary Garrison, Treasurer

-Bonny Tyler, Secretary


Hariri Foundation

7501 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 715, Bethesda, MD 20814

Telephone Number: 301-656-1666

Fax Number: 301-656-1613

E-mail: mailbox@haririfoundationusa.org

Web Site: www.haririfoundationusa.org

Year established: 1985

Description: Founded by businessman, philanthropist, and statesman, His Excellency Prime Minister Rafiq B. al-Hariri, the Hariri Foundation supports the academic and technical training of Lebanese students, enabling them to meet the future employment demands of Lebanon. The goal of this non-political, non-denominational foundation is to help build the human resources of Lebanon through education.


-Provides academic guidance for students and offers job referrals and student sponsorship

-Publishes Hariri-Gram (newsletter)


– Rafic A. Bizri, President


Help the Afghan Children (HTAC)

8603 Westwood Center Drive, Suite 230, Vienna, VA 22182

Telephone Number: 703-848-0407

Fax Number: 703-848-0408

E-mail: info@helptheafghanchildren.org

Web Site: www.helptheafghanchildren.org

Year established: 1993

Description: Help the Afghan Children has supported an average of 160,000 individuals annually through education and vocational training programs, primary health clinics, home-based school for girls, and over 20 relief missions to help displaced persons, drought and earthquake victims, and refugee populations. Registered with the government of Afghanistan as a National Afghan NGO, our current mission is to help Afghan children become educated, healthy, and productive citizens who are able to contribute fully to building Afghanistan’s civil society. Focusing out efforts on the educational system, we accomplish our goals by working with supporting partners to establish model community-based schools in different regions in Afghanistan. We train local educators to enhance their professional capacities and have developed and implemented innovative learning programs.


-Publishes Voice of Innocence newsletter and annual reports


-Suraya Sadeed, Executive Director


The Heritage Foundation

214 Massachusetts Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20002-4999

Telephone Number: 202-546-4400

Fax Number: 202-675-1758

E-mail: info@heritage.org

Web Site: www.heritage.org

Year established: 1973

Description: The Heritage Foundation is a research organization that analyzes and disseminates information on foreign and domestic public policy issues from a conservative point of view. The foundation has a permanent staff of researchers as well as resident and associate scholars. The US Congress is the primary audience for Heritage publications, briefings, lectures, and seminars. Each year the foundation publishes 12 to 15 papers on US policy vis-à-vis Middle Eastern security and foreign policy issues.


-Maintains the Resource Bank, the country’s oldest and largest network of conservative organizations

-Arranges testimony for congressional committees

-Houses the Asian Studies Center

-Publishes executive memos; The Index of Economic Freedom; backgrounders; Critical Issues series; Heritage Today, quarterly report on the foundation’s activities


-Edwin J. Feulner, President

-James Phillips, Research Fellow For Middle Eastern Affairs


Hudson Institute

1015 18th Street, Suite 300, NW, Washington, DC 20036

Telephone Number: 202-223-7770

Fax Number: 202-223-8537

E-mail: info@hudsondc.org

Web Site: www.hudson.org

Year established: 1961

Description: The Hudson Institute’s mission is to be America’s premier source of applied research on enduring policy challenges. It produces independent, high-quality research and competes boldly in the debate of policy ideas. The Institute’s Center for Middle East Policy seeks to present a frank and accurate account of developments in the Middle East, utilizing primary sources, both from Israel and the Arab World to provide thorough, credible, and timely analysis of events, ideas, and trends.


-Conducts research projects

-Publishes articles, book reviews, Hudson’s Quarterly News, reports, and white papers


-Herbert I. London, President

-Kenneth R. Weinstein, Vice President and CEO


Human Rights Watch

1630 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20009

Telephone Number: 202-612-4321

Fax Number: 202-612-4333

E-mail: hrwdc@hrw.org

Web Site: www.hrw.org

Year established: 1989

Description: Human Rights Watch’s Middle East and North Africa Division investigates and publishes reports on human rights violations in countries of the region.


-Issues reports on various countries


-Kenneth Roth, Executive Director


Institute for International Economics

1750 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20036

Telephone Number: 202-328-9000

Fax Number: 202-659-3225

E-mail: hhillebrand@iie.com

Web Site: www.iie.com

Year established: 1981

Description: The Institute for International Economics is a private, non-profit, and non-partisan research institution devoted to the study of international economic policy. Support for the Institute’s activities is provided by a wide range of charitable foundations, private corporations and individuals, and from earnings on the Institute’s publications and capital funds. The scope of the Institute’s research covers all aspects of international economic policy including the Middle East.


-Holds meetings to discuss issues in international economic policy

-Publishes various books each year, including policy analysis in international economics


-C. Fred Bergsten, Director


Institute for International Education (IIE)

1400 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005-2403

Telephone Number: 202-898-0600

Fax Number: 202-326-7835

Web Site: www.iie.org/dc

Year established: 1919

Description: The Institute of International Education is an educational exchange, technical assistance, and training organization that arranges professional programs for international visitors; conducts training courses in energy, the environment, journalism, human resources development, educational policy and administration, and business-related fields; provides developing countries with short and long-term technical assistance in human resources development; arranges professional training and support for staff of human rights organizations; implements contracts for long and short-term training programs for individuals from Southern Africa, East Asia, and the New Independent States; sponsors fellowships and applied internships for mid-career professionals from developing countries; implements contracts and cooperative agreements for organizations, including the US Information Agency, US Agency for International Development, philanthropic foundations, multilateral banks, and other organizations as part of a sponsored and competitive program portfolio. IIE has four US regional and twelve international offices in addition to Washington.


-Complies Open Doors, annual census of foreign students in the United States and reference books available to US students and training opportunities in the United States for foreign students

-Publishes statistical analysis and research reports on higher educational exchange


-Allen E. Goodman, President and Chief Executive Officer

-Thomas S. Johnson, Chairman


Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy

1925 North Lynn Street, 12th Floor, Arlington, VA 22209

Telephone Number: 703-528-3863

Fax Number: 703-528-5776

E-mail: IMTD@IMTD.org

Web Site: www.imtd.org

Year established: 1992

Description: Established in 1992, the mission of the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy is to promote a systems approach to peace building and to facilitate the transformation of deep-rooted social conflict. The scope of its programs covers economic and environmental conflict, ethnic and tribal conflict, and war globally. IMTD holds dialogue groups with Israelis and Palestinians in addition to US-Libya dialogues.


-Provides conflict resolution training

-Publishes newsletter, annual report, and occasional papers


-John W. McDonald, Chair

-Eileen Borris, Director of Training


Institute for Policy Studies (IPS)

733 15th Street, NW, Suite 1020, Washington, DC 20005

Telephone Number: 202-234-9382

Fax Number: 202-387-7915

Web Site: www.ips-dc.org

Year established: 1963

Description: The Institute for Policy Studies is an independent center for critical thought and advocacy on a wide range of foreign and domestic policies. Its scholars and activists explore progressive alternatives to existing public policies consistent with the values of equity, environmental sustainability, democratic participation, personal freedom, human dignity, nonviolence, and community empowerment. Middle Eastern issues are an integral part of IPS’s foreign policy work.


-Holds occasional lectures, seminars, and other public programs

-Offers internships

-Publishes various books, articles, and reports


-John Cavanagh, Director


The Institute of Turkish Studies, Georgetown University

Georgetown University, Box 571033, Washington, DC 20057

Telephone Number: 202-687-0295

Fax Number: 202-687-3780

E-mail: director@turkishstudies.org

Web Site: www.turkishstudies.org

Year established: 1982

Description: The Institute of Turkish Studies was founded to support and encourage the development of Turkish studies in American universities. Its ultimate goal is to increase knowledge of Turkey, especially its history, culture, and people including citizens of the United States. The institute supports educational research, scholarship, and publications of scholars in the field of Turkish studies. The institute also serves as a resource center and clearinghouse for information on contemporary developments in Turkey.


-Sponsors lectures, conferences, panels, and other programs

-Offers annual grant program awarded to individuals (graduate fellowships, dissertation writing grants, post-doctoral travel-research in Turkey, subventions for publication, teaching aids) and institutions (matching conference and lecture series grants, workshop grants, library support grants, matching seed-money grants)

-Publishes monographs, conference proceedings, and scholarly journals on Turkish history, culture, and society


-Donald Quataert, Chairman

-Sabri Sayari, Executive Director


InterAction – American Council for

Voluntary International Action

1717 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Suite 701, Washington, DC 20036

Telephone Number: 202-667-8227

Fax Number: 202-667-8236

E-mail: ia@interaction.org

Web Site: www.InterAction.org

Year established: 1984

Description: InterAction is a coalition of 160 voluntary organizations working in over 165 developing countries around the world to ease human suffering and strengthen peoples’ abilities to help themselves. Its members deal with issues ranging from international development to public policy to education, disaster relief, and refugee assistance. InterAction performs a networking function, coordinates information exchange, promotes common goals and monitors compliance with ethical standards. InterAction is composed of five standing committees: development policy and practice, migration and refugee affairs, disaster response, advocacy and education, and PVO standards.


-Produces member profiles providing basic data concerning individual member organizations and their programs

-Holds annual InterAction Forum in addition to various meetings

-Publishes Monday Developments, a bi-weekly newsletter containing news and commentary on international relief and development as well as employment opportunities


-Mary McClymont, President and Chief Executive Officer


International Center for Religion and Diplomacy (ICRD)

1156 15th Street, NW, Suite 910, Washington, DC 20005

Telephone Number: 202-331-9404

Fax Number: 202-872-9137

E-mail: postmaster@icrd.org

Web Site: www.icrd.org

Year established: 1999

Description: ICRD is aimed at facilitating increased understanding and collaboration between policymakers and diplomats as well as with religious leaders (both clergy and laity) to resolve identity-based conflicts that exceed the reach of traditional diplomacy. By linking religious reconciliation with official diplomacy, the ICRD is creating a new synergy for peacemaking that serves both of these needs. It also provides a more fruitful approach for dealing with ethnic conflict, tribal warfare, and religious hostilities.


-Holds reconciliation training seminars

-Publishes ICRD annual reports and newsletters


-Douglas Johnston, President

-Brian Cox, Senior Vice President for Dispute Resolution Training


International Crisis Group (ICG)

1629 K Street, NW, Suite 450, Washington, DC 20006

Telephone Number: 202-785-1601

Fax Number: 202-785-1630

E-mail: icgwashington@crisisweb.org

Web Site: www.intl-crisis-group.org

Description: The International Crisis Group is an independent, non-profit, multinational organization, with over 90 staff members on five continents, working through field-based analysis and high-level advocacy to prevent and resolve deadly conflict. ICG’s approach is grounded in field research. Teams of political analysts are located within or close by countries at risk of outbreak, escalation or recurrence of violent conflict. Based on information and assessments from the field, ICG produces regular analytical reports containing practical recommendations targeted at key international decision-takers. ICG’s work in Israel, the occupied territories, and Israel’s Arab neighbors is focused on new and more comprehensive political and diplomatic strategies to address the sources of conflict, and deal with the main factors within Israel and Arab societies hindering the achievement of sustainable peace.


-Produces policy briefs

-Publishes annual reports on countries and CrisisWatch, a 12-page monthly bulletin designed to provide busy readers in the policy community, media, business, and interested general public with a succinct regular update on the state of play in all the most significant situations of conflict or potential conflict around the world.


-Gareth Evans, President and CEO


International Executive Reports (IER)

717 D Street, NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20004-2807

Telephone Number: 202-628-6900

Fax Number: 202-628-6618

E-mail: execrep@aol.com

Web Site: www.members.aol.com/execrep

Year established: 1978

Description: Middle East Executive Reports publishes two publications for businesses and professionals interested in or trading with the Middle East.


-Publishes Middle East Executive Reports, a monthly magazine covering the legal, financial, and practical aspects of doing business in Middle Eastern, North African and Islamic Central Asian countries

-Publishes Middle East Business Intelligence, a bi-monthly newsletter focusing exclusively on new contracting and sales leads in Middle Eastern, North African, and Islamic Central Asian countries


-William C. Hearn, Editor and Publisher


International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES)

1101 15th Street, NW, Third Floor, Washington, DC 20005

Telephone Number: 202-828-8507

Fax Number: 202-452-0804

Web Site: www.ifes.org

Year established:1989

Description: The International Foundation for Election Systems provides professional advice and technical assistance in promoting democracy and serves as an information clearinghouse on elections, rule of law, governance, and civil society. IFES has field offices in over 23 countries including in the Middle East. IFES has programs in Yemen, the Palestinian territories, Iraq, and the Gulf.


-Publishes annual reports on countries

-Runs in-country training programs


Richard W. Soudriette, President


The International Human Rights Law Group

1200 18th Street NW, Suite 602, Washington, DC 20036

Telephone Number: 202-822-4600

Fax Number: 202-822-4606

E-mail: HumanRights@hrlawgroup.org

Web Site: www.hrlawgroup.org

Year established: 1986

Description: The International Human Rights Law Group is a non-profit organization engaged in advocacy, strategic human rights lawyering, and training around the world. Its mission is to empower local advocates to expand the scope of human rights protections and to promote broad participation in building human rights standards and procedures at the national, regional, and international levels. International Human Rights Law Group has projects in Afghanistan, Morocco, and Yemen.


-Holds programs and partnerships with local groups in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Burundi, Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Morocco, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, the United States, and Yemen


– Gay J. McDougall, Washington Executive Director


International Institute for Strategic Studies – US

1747 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20006

Telephone Number: 202-659-1490

Fax Number: 202-296-1134

E-mail: taylon@iiss.org

Web Site: www.iiss.org

Year established: 1958

Description: The International Institute for Strategic Studies’ (IISS) prime responsibilities are to analyze military and non-military aspects of international security and to inject new thinking into the strategic debate. The Institute is an independent source of information on all major current strategic developments, including those dealing with the Middle East, and is widely used by journalists, analysts, and students. The main headquarters of IISS is in London with offices in Washington and Singapore.


-Maintains base for The Military Balance and handles factual queries on defense issues from around the world

-Houses library that maintains an extensive press archive of articles from approximately 200 journals and newspapers in addition to more than 2,000 Middle East-related books

-Holds Annual conference, held in September, focusing on an emerging major strategic issue The Military Balance (annual inventory); Strategic Survey (annually); Survival (quarterly international journal); and Adelphi Papers (monograph series)


-Terrence Taylor, President and Executive Director, IISS-US

-John Chipman, Director, IISS (London headquarters)


International Institute of Islamic Thought

500 Grove Street, Herndon, VA 20170-4735

Telephone Number: 703-471-1133

Fax Number: 703-471-3922

E-mail: iiit@iiit.org

Web Site: www.iiit.org

Year established: 1981

Description: The International Institute of Islamic Thought promotes research in Islamic studies throughout the world. Its objective is to stimulate Islamic scholars to address problems of thought and life pertinent to Muslims and to articulate the relevance of Islam to these problems. The Institute seeks to fulfill this function by holding specialized seminars for scholars researching problems of concern to Islam, commissioning production of scholarly works, and disseminating these works among interested scholars around the world. The Institute is an autonomous, non-profit organization unrelated to any state or institution, and maintains 14 cooperating groups worldwide.


-Holds seminars

-Conducts research projects and training programs

-Publishes American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (quarterly, jointly published with the Association of Muslim Social Scientists), Islamiyat al Ma’rifah (quarterly magazine in Arabic), books and monographs in both English and Arabic


-Abdulhamid Abu-Sulayman, President


International Republican Institute

1225 Eye Street, NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20005

Telephone Number: 202-408-9450

Fax Number: 202-408-9462

Web Site: www.iri.org

Year established: 1983

Description: The International Republican Institute (IRI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing democracy worldwide. IRI conducts non-partisan programs outside the United States to promote and strengthen democratic ideals and institutions. Programs are tailored to the needs of pro-democracy activists in the host country and include, for example, organization of political parties, campaign management, communications strategy, electoral processes, training in civic responsibility, and processes and procedures for newly elected parliamentarians. In the West Bank and Gaza Strip, IRI and its partner, the Center for Palestine Research and Studies, conduct the most reliable and respected surveys in the area to educate public officials about the opinions and needs of their constituents. IRI also conducts programs in Oman, Jordan, Afghanistan, and Iraq. IRI is not part of the Republican Party of the United States. Its programs are non-partisan and adhere to fundamental American principles such as individual liberty, the rule of law, and the entrepreneurial spirit that fosters economic development.


-Publishes Spring and Summer newsletters; Annual Report


-John McCain, Chairman

-George A. Folsom, President


Iran Teachers Association (ITA)

PO Box 6257, Washington, DC 20015-0257

Telephone Number: 301-907-7982

Fax Number: 301-907-2436

E-mail: infomgr@mehregan.org

Web Site: www.mehregan.org

Year established: 1934

Description: The Iran Teachers Association has been active since 1941 in promoting progressive education, human rights, and democratic values in Iran. At the time of the 1979 revolution, the ITA played an important role; it was the first organization in the country to refuse to collaborate with the Islamic Republic regime. Consequently, its activities were suppressed in 1981, and since that time it has carried on most of its activities in exile. In the wake of the revolution, the ITA decided that civic education was a necessary prerequisite for the eventual development of a democratic government in Iran. In collaboration with teachers and other supporters in and outside the country, the ITA continues to produce and distribute democratic literature in Iran and among the diaspora.


-Holds seminars on political and cultural subjects

-Publishes MEHREGAN (quarterly journal)


-Mohammad Derakhshesh, President

-Setareh Derakhshesh, Editor in Chief, MEHREGAN Journal


The Iraq Foundation

1012 14th Street, NW, Suite 1110, Washington, DC 20005

Telephone Number: 202-347-4662

Fax Number: 202-347-7897

E-mail: iraq@iraqfoundation.org

Web Site: www.iraqfoundation.org

Year established: 1991

Description: The Iraq Foundation is an independent institution for the study of democracy and civil and human rights in Iraq. Its goal is to promote understanding of Iraqi social, political, and economic affairs through public education, scholarly research, seminars, and publications.


-Sponsors Iraq research and documentation projects


-Haitham al-Hassani, Chairman and President


Islamic Free Market Institute Foundation

1920 L Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036

Telephone Number: 202-955-7174

Fax Number: 202-785-0261

E-mail: general@islamicinstitute.org

Web Site: www.islamicinstitute.org

Year established: 1998

Description: The Institute is a membership-based non-profit, non-partisan organization, founded in 1998 to initiate these goals: Create a better understanding between the American Muslim community and the political leadership; provide a platform to promote an Islamic perspective on domestic issues (social and fiscal) to help enhance the Muslim community’s input in the decision-making process; cultivate and expand Muslim activists and mobilize the community at the state and federal levels on issues affecting the American Muslim community; run aggressive campaigns to help increase the American Muslim participation in the electoral process; and introduce traditional American values to the Muslim community and traditional Islamic teachings and values to decision-makers


-Researches and mapping demographic trends within the Muslim community

-Mobilizes, educates, and gives Muslims an active voice in the electoral process

-Houses library of scholarly works about Islamic views on social and economic issues including papers on free trade, monetary policy, banking, abortion, the death penalty, and crime

-Establishes a network of think tanks, advocacy groups, political organizations, and local community centers to expand activities and engage American Muslims

-Conducts overseas conferences on free enterprise and privatization between American leaders, businessmen, and women to meet and exchange ideas with Muslim business leaders

-Organizes domestic forums to promote traditional agenda among American Muslim scholars through a series of conferences and forums in the United States.

-Establishes Muslim organizations in cities around the United States to serve as a catalyst in the development of traditional grassroots movements in the Muslim community


-Khaled Saffuri, Chairman

-Samah Alrayyes, Director of Communications


Islamic Supreme Council of America (ISCA)

1400 16th Street, NW, Suite B112, Washington, DC 20036

Telephone Number: 202-939-3400

Fax Number: 202-939-3410

E-mail: staff@islamicsupremecouncil.org

Web Site: www.islamicsupremecouncil.org

Description:The Islamic Supreme Council of America is a non-profit, non-governmental religious organization dedicated to working for the cause of Islam. ISCA aims to provide practical solutions for American Muslims, based on the traditional Islamic legal rulings of an international advisory board. Many of the advisory board members are recognized as the highest-ranking Islamic scholars in the world.


-Houses library


-Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, Chairman

-Hedieh Miramadi, Executive Director


Israel Aliyah and Program Center

6101 Montrose Road, Rockville, MD 20852

Telephone Number: 301-881-4407

Fax Number: 301-881-4408

E-mail: dcaliyah@jazo.org.il

Web Site: www.aliyah.org

Year established: 1948

Description: The Israel Aliyah Center facilitates and processes Aliyah. A professional Aliyah Shaliach (Emissary from Israel) meets with prospective Oleh (immigrant) and family to discuss plans and expectations in order to develop a realistic program of Aliyah and absorption in Israel.


-Sponsors lectures, discussions, Israel programs, pilot trips, and classes


-Yair Kalush, Director, Mid-Atlantic Region



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